I live on the very edge of the hem of the hilly outskirts of Melbourne where I write essays, short stories and political commentary.

Below are pieces I’ve had published in the last few years.

I’m compelled by the wafts of the new world story floating in and dismayed at the lurching zombie steps of the old one. Meanwhile, I yearn for freedom from the precarity of being broke and sick and broken by ME/CFS in the 13th 14th richest economy in the world, stuck inside the stupid austerity and blindness that is wasting so many of our wild and precious lives.

I’m blogging again. I’ve missed the joy that comes from just writing, without worrying about submitting it somewhere and having it rejected. Also, some stupid romantic notion about it being more mine than any piece I craft into an edible piece of production for the capitalist deadzone. This is why I am poor. Still, more blogging, less Facebook, is making me 34% less mentally decrepit.

My great grandfather was an oak tree. I have died and been reborn eleventy-three times. I would rather eat a small piece of my own poo than watch Married at First Sight or be a public relations journalist.


You Say Risotto – Eureka Street

A meditation on speaking words as they sound, rather than how they’re written.

Exploiting the Housing Crisis – Eureka Street

I wrote this after being mindboggled by the complete lack of critical responses to an ad on a buy-and-sell Facebook page which was looking for a full-time worker for zero pay.

Strangers R Us – New Matilda

On the disgusting ideology that sees our government continuing its targeting of people on welfare.

The Cloud of Undoing – Southerly Journal

A short story in Southerly 76.1, Words and Music. An economic fantasy about a financial advisor going poetic before going Robin Hood.

A Game of Cat and Mouse – The Big Issue Australia

An essay pondering the karmic balance between rescuing a wounded kitten and poisoning some pesky mice.

Underneath the Labels: the Left, the Right, & the Clusterfuck In-Between – New Matilda

A riff on the US political spectrum, where what was once left is now centre and what was once right has fallen clean off the edge, and about the commonalities we still share despite being sort of arseholes.

Blinded Me With Science – Tincture Journal

An essay in the inaugural issue in which I weave my way through music, physics and the problem of my concrete dancing feet.

But People Will Get Lazy

A Medium self-publish where I explore the world of work and our ideas and morality around it, and consider the common-seeming and unvisionary notion that a universal basic income would just make people check out from responsibility.

A Review of the Trace Art Exhibition at Bunjil Place

In which I insert myself to an unseemly degree into an exhibition review. But hey, I figure that seeing I’ll probably earn 10 bucks tops for this review, I will push whatever self-indulgent boundaries I fucking well please.

Dear Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) – Independent Australia

I pen a reply to a Liberal Party early election campaign email.

Q&A: Deep Questions, Inch-Thick Answers and the Public Square We Need – Independent Australia

Q&A is an Australian panel show. I wonder if questions were given sufficient debating time, would we be willing to listen to those with opposing views?

The Iowa Caucus: Are the American People Stealing Back the Power? – Independent Australia

In the heady days when Bernie Sanders was a thing, I dip my toe into trying to understand what the hell the Iowa Caucus is. I also wonder – does it ultimately really matter in an oligarchy who fills the White House’s big chair?

Yearning for the Sea – Independent Australia

Waxing poetic about how living lonely in the virtual world.

Sympathy for the NAB – Independent Australia

Snide faux-empathetic letter to a big-four bank.