I woke up this morning with a fragment of a dream hanging about my head.

It was something about taurine, and the implication was that I should do something with this to benefit humanity, and maybe then I should write about it.

It was accompanied by a soundtrack, which when I looked at it with my topside world eyes was the Tarino soft drink ad, circa 1987.

Everything was soaked in meaning, very grave and beautiful.When I woke, I held this fragment in my hands because it felt very important, a message to myself that would be a pleasure to bring to life in the awake world.

As I was awake for more seconds and examined its different facets, the dream just fell to dust all around me. It felt like it belonged to a plane not here and there it was spoken in a different language that here just ended up being mistranslated into something about a substance that gets put in energy drinks and a dumb ad.

That, or it was just blowing off a bunch of thought fluff. If many of our dreams are just a matter of practical housekeeping, though, we sure accomplish this act in an artful way. Vacuuming as installation art. Even if the contents of the artfulness collapse under scrutiny and the soundtrack ends up being one of your many, many earworms of the irritating variety, though shot through with nostalgia just like everything from 1987 is, that crappy musical year when I was 16.

I remember being very taken with the font on the Tarino can in 1987 when my hair was fat and my body collagen-injected. It promised transportation to a medievally-tinged story that no combo of orange flavour and carbonated water could ever deliver.

Of course, another alternative is that I am telling myself that I need more taurine. An amino acid, taurine helps to ensure the best water and mineral levels in your blood. As I have been having blood volume and easy dehydration issues lately, it wouldn’t be so out of the realms for my body to signify its need to me in this way. Everything is, after all, much more alive and sentient than we give it credit for, and our bodies speak to us all the time. I just wish it was to a better soundtrack.


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