I live on the edge of the hem on the outskirts of Melbourne, in Australia. Winter is easier to bear here than in the flatter concrete burbs even though the temperature is a few degrees cooler. Winter in the burbs is like a character that can’t find a play. Shit, everything in the burbs is like a character that can’t find a play.

Some people would say that makes me elitist. I say there are better determinants of how we live than property developers.

I write essays, blog posts and fiction and type your audio.  My portfolio is here. Please email me with creatively and financially tantalising proposals. I’m interested in the big picture, the interdisciplinary, the polymathical.  In trying to not sound too much like a wanker. In trying to deal with the anger I feel at needing to apologise for wanting to be a polymath when i grow up. I’m interested in how we stay sane, and how we hang onto art and culture and how we can have discussions in such a fractured age where everything’s been monetised and too many people spend weeks at a time not having the opportunity to indulge their imagination. In power to the people. The political is most certainly personal.  I’m into the next version of doing things differently. I can just about smell it.