Exploiting the Housing Crisis

In Eureka Street I discuss an ad I saw on a buy and sell site on Facebook where the job was full-time but the pay was … in accommodation, not money.

Strangers R Us

A piece for New Matilda where I discuss the disgusting ideology that sees our government continuing its targeting of people on welfare.

The Cloud of Undoing

A short story which appeared in Southerly 76.1, Words and Music. An economic fantasy about a financial advisor going poetic before going Robin Hood.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

An essay in The Big Issue Australia in which I ponder the karmic balance between rescuing a wounded kitten and poisoning some pesky mice.

Underneath the Labels: the Left, the Right, and the Clusterfuck In-Between

In which I riff for New Matilda on the US political spectrum, where what was once left is now centre and what was once right has fallen clean off the edge, and about the commonalities we still share despite being sort of arseholes.

Blinded Me With Science

An essay in the inaugural issue of Tincture Journal in which I weave my way through music, physics and the problem of my concrete dancing feet.

Dear Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)

I pen a reply in Independent Australia to a Liberal Party early election campaign email, voicing my disillusionment with its promise of ‘a brighter, more innovative and secure future’.

Q&A: Deep Questions, Inch-Thick Answers and the Public Square We Need

Q&A is an Australian panel show. In this piece for Independent Australia I wonder if questions were given sufficient debating time, would we be willing to listen to those with opposing views?

The Iowa Caucus: Are the American People Stealing Back the Power?

In the heady days when Bernie Sanders was a thing, I dip my toe into trying to understand what the hell the Iowa Caucus is for Independent Australia. I also wonder – does it ultimately really matter in an oligarchy who fills the White House’s big chair? Still, it’s encouraging to #feelthebern no matter what ultimately happens.

Yearning for the Sea

Waxing poetic in Independent Australia about how we’re living more in the virtual world but more of us are lonely.

Sympathy for the NAB

Snide faux-empathetic letter to a big-four bank, in Independent Australia.

Weekend Notes

Posts for Weekend Notes about interesting places to go and people to see.