I have over 20 years’ experience transcribing journalist interviews, TV to-camera scripts, law court transcripts, business correspondence, etc.

My rates are $2 per audio minute for conversational speech, $2.10 for group conversational and general verbatim and $2.15 for group verbatim.

(In a conversational transcript, the stumbles and half-spoken words which occur constantly in our speaking are left out, making it far easier to make sense of the content. Verbatim transcripts are those which include everything. They are often used in legal contexts, and are generally terrible to read).


I had never used a transcription service before, always holding interviews close and thinking I needed to go through the pain of doing it all myself. Then, at a very busy time with a book and other deadlines, I turned to Sue.

To say she changed my working life is an understatement. I do an interview, let her know it’s coming, upload it for her and then it is magically returned — always before the agreed deadline and with odd spellings marked as checked — to me. When I do an interview that has information that’s either confidential or embargoed, I never even think twice about sending it to Sue … but I’ve heard horror stories from other writers who get their old interviews with the same people or similar topics shopped back to them when they send their new interviews out for transcription to certain offshore services.

Sue is professional, fast, accurate and has a lovely, dry sense of humour … all of these things are valued equally by me. Rest your tired fingers and treat yourself with transcriptions by Sue. You will never look back!

Jane Nicholls

Editor/Journalist/Content Strategist


Good transcribing is more than rapidly typing what you think you heard. Sue Stevenson is a speedy transcriber, for sure, but she’s also accurate, intuitive, and indicates (with a time stamp) when she’s not sure of what someone said. Her skilful use of punctuation and paragraphs means every transcript reads like a story ready to print. She also spell-checks names and details as she goes. Sue has been transcribing my interviews for about a year, on tricky topics as varied as diabetes, mining, renewable energy and aerospace. Her reliability has become legend among my colleagues, and she’s made a huge difference to the pace at which I can ply my journo’s craft. Should I be telling you this? Up until now, Sue’s always been available to transcribe when I need her.

Natalie Filatoff,


Sue Stevenson, has subcontracted for me for several years and has always provided an excellent result, both consistently accurate and timeously completed. I would not hesitate in recommending her to any future contractors or clients.

Emily Brehas

Virtual Scribe Generation


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